Kylie Minogue Gets Even Sexier With New Album


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Justin TImberlake may have brought sexy back, but Kylie Minogue is making sure it sticks around. Minogue is getting even sexier with her newest album, "Kiss Me Once."

The album, which Cristina Jaleru of the Associated Press calls a "narcotic disco dream, slightly confused about the time-space continuum, yet very delightful," was released on March 18 and is quickly gaining steam on many charts.

The electropop diva has been making music for the dance floor for four decades, and now fans will be "sexercising" their way to the clubs.

Minogue's first single, "Into the Blue," from the album is an anthem the singer could really relate to. “I’d done a lot of tracks that were quite experimental. But when we were recording ‘Into the Blue,’ it just resonated with me,” said Minogue.

Co-executive-producer Sia is very present in the album that is so sexy, the word "sex" is in the title of three of the eleven songs. Minogue considered only having two songs with "sex" in the title, but she quickly changed her mind. “There was a point where Sia and I were looking at the songs we had so far. We thought there were nice ones, but we didn’t feel like we had a sexy one. Then I ended up within a short space of time with three songs that had ‘sex’ in the title. I actually tried to offload one of them, but then I would have missed it. So yes, there’s three sex titles, but we had none for quite a long time. We went from the sublime to the ridiculous,” explained Minogue.

Minogue has been loving all the support and positive feedback from her fans.

Fans are already singing the praises of "Kiss Me Once" all over social media.

Below you can watch the official video of Minogue's single "Sexercize." (Be aware, there is a parental advisory at the beginning of the video.)

Image via Kylie Minogue, Instagram.