Kylie Jenner Reportedly Planning to Elope Without a Prenup If Kris Jenner Won't Sign

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Kylie Jenner is only 17 years old. She’s already had her share of front page moments, including getting sued over a three-car pileup and being accused of getting illegal collagen injections in her lips.

Kylie weathered all these things, but if a new insider report is correct, she could be about to do something that is tougher to live down.

According to Star Magazine, an insider source says that Kylie Jenner and rapper boyfriend Tyga are about to run off to Mexico to elope. While this may sound like something any teen could get tangled up in, for Kylie it could be an incredibly expensive decision. She is worth millions.

“Kylie is not listening to anyone,” the source says. “Kris doesn’t agree with it, but she’s thinking about cosigning the marriage to save Kylie’s fortune.”

According to the source, Kylie has told her mom Kris Jenner that she will run off with Tyga and get married without a prenup if Kris does not go along with her wishes and allow her to marry her boyfriend.

Kylie had been denying that she and Tyga were even a couple, but they have been spotted flying around Europe together. As TMZ notes, some of the places they visit have lower legal age limits for consent to sex.

If Kylie does run off to Mexico with Tyga, she will almost be cementing a family tradition. Sister Kim Kardashian eloped in Vegas when she was 19 with first husband R&B producer Damon Thomas.

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