Kylie Jenner Pulled A Knife On Kendall, Say What?


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Kylie and Kendall Jenner seem to have a pretty good relationship as far as siblings go. Growing up in a large family made them both a little competitive and since they are close in age and have some of the same career goals, they tend to fight and argue sometimes.

Many of their fights have been seen on their reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but Kylie said that some of their best or worst fights were not caught on tape.

Kylie said that the girls have gotten physical before and that they have even pulled knives on each other. Of course, neither of them really planned to stab each other, but the reason that the knives were pulled is pretty ridiculous.

“We had some good fights… we had our moments. We’ve actually pulled a knife on each other once. We were fighting over lemons, believe it or not… one thing lead to another and a knife came out and I ran,” Kendall said of the incident.

Kylie and Kendall laugh at the incident now, but if they were both that quick to anger over fruit, what would they do if they were really mad at each other or someone else over something more serious?

Kylie and Kendall have both been criticized for their bad behavior in the past.

Kylie has been bashed for her bad driving. The teen has wrecked her SUV and had several traffic tickets. She has laughed all of it off and even made a video of herself singing, dancing and goofing off while driving. This made many people mad and several groups that are against distracted driving called her out on it.

Kendall has a reputation for being a diva. She has allegedly demanded to be paid more than the rest of her family members for their reality show because she feels like she is the prettiest. She also recently stormed out of a restaurant after a server refused to serve her alcohol, even though she is underage. She also allegedly left without paying and threw money at the server when she followed her to ask her to pay the bill.

The girls seem to think their shenanigans are funny, but they are earning themselves bad reputations in Hollywood. If they continue to act bratty, they may miss out on career opportunities and become has-beens sooner than they expect.