Kyle Shanahan Might Be Done With The Redskins

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And the soap opera in Washington D.C. continues.

In just the last week or so, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan benched quarterback Robert Griffin III for the season, gave an uncharacteristic press conference on the matter and was accused of not being completely honest with fans and the public.

And all of this is going on under a shameful winning record of 3 and 11. I mean, can things get any worse for coach Shanahan and the rest of the team?

The answer is yes, as Mike Shanahan's son Kyle Shanahan reportedly wants to step down from his position as offensive coordinator, which some have deemed another strategic move in the ongoing battle between the Shanahans and the team's owner Daniel Snyder.

Up until this point, much of the blame for this season's disappointing record has fallen on the lap of the head coach, but now, some within the organization are blaming Kyle and accusing him of not only being inexperienced, but also having a poor relationship with Griffin and the rest of the players.

According to the NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, a source within the organization said the following: "It is no longer worth it to work with his father." Another source within the team was more blunt and said the younger Shanahan has received way too much power from his father, according to reporter Jason La Canfora.

"Kyle is the head coach, it's just that no one knows he is," said the source. "He gets whatever he wants and he has no relationship at all [with Griffin]. So how could it work?" And it's not only Kyle that seems to be in over his head, other members of the coaching staff seem to be as well.

"What Mike has allowed to happen there, with that staff, there is no excuse for," said another source who worked with Kyle in the past. "There are guys on that staff who are just not qualified, and it shows up. Have you seen the quarterback develop? Look at [Brian] Orakpo and [Ryan] Kerrigan," who are defensive ends for the team. "Are they progressing or regressing?"

It'll be interesting to see if the Shanahans, Snyder and Griffin all kiss an make up during the off season, because if not, things could look incredibly different for the burgundy and gold next season.

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