Krysten Ritter is Marvel's New Jessica Jones

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Krysten Ritter has done other things since playing Jesse Pinkman's junkie girlfriend Jane Margolis on Breaking Bad. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have, too. But does anyone think anything will ever overshadow their work on that show? Don’t Trust the B—— in Apartment 23 sure didn’t do it for Ritter.

Maybe Krysten Ritter can make a new name for herself now. Word on the street is that Ritter is the choice to play Marvel superhero Jessica Jones in an upcoming Netflix television series.

Jessica Jones is known to Marvel fans as a different kind of heroine. She started off normal. She was a high school classmate of Peter Parker, and had a crush on him. But Parker got busy with the whole Spidey gig and Jessica got left behind.

Then she was in a car accident, covered in chemicals, and slipped into a coma. When she came out of the coma, she had superpowers. She had great strength, she was impervious to most weaponry, and she could fly — sort of.

The thing is, Jessica Jones never quite got good at being a superhero. Her flying was spotty. She stumbled into more victories than she attained on purpose. She went by several different identity names, including Jewel, Knightress, and Power Woman.

Eventually she hung up her cape, so to speak, and started a private investigations firm. She keeps getting pulled back into the superhero life, but eventually has a baby with fellow superhero Luke Cage.

Krysten Ritter is said to be one of only five actresses who were considered for the part.

Marvel is actually doing four series with Netflix. These will center around Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Luke Cage

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