Kristin Kreuk Talks Season 2 of Beauty and the Beast


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The Season 1 finale of "Beauty and the Beast" saw lead character Catherine Chandler, played by Kristin Kreuk, feeling helpless as her love interest and super-soldier, Vincent Keller, was captured after his intense brawl with Gabe. The scene ended with Kreuk's character discovering that the person she thought was her father was not actually her biological father.

Kristin Kreuk has now released some more information concerning the direction of Season 2, and luckily for fans, the "VinCat" relationship will not be missed. However, there will be some new elements this season that will test the two lead characters' relationship: “We are interested in exploring some triangles, so we will have another character coming in who will challenge VinCat. Just when it seems like things are going well, someone will come in and challenge [that]…and lead them to wonder, ‘Should I be with this person instead?’” stated show writer Sherri Cooper.

Not only will VinCat have to deal with outside factors affecting their relationship, but the couple will also face internal strife within their relationship. After Vincent reappears from his capture, it is evident that there has been some "re-education" of his previous soldier experience: "... there's this man, who's the person that she put everything into and she held all of her crap together to try and just find him and when he looks like the person that she knew, he feels like the person that she knew, but he's not, and she has this moment of being able to emotionally like let go and release all this stuff, but it's with a man who is so different," stated Kreuk.

Kreuk's character, Catherine, will be dealing with her own personal issues as well: "Catherine hasn't paid her bills; she's got her bills stacked up; she doesn't sleep; she drinks coffee; she's on her computer; she's constantly trying to find this guy. ... She's not even doing work anymore. She's got Tess taking care of all the work. She's so focused on it. She has nothing else."

Due to the two lead characters going through such dynamic changes, Jay Ryan says it will be as if the two are learning to fall in love all over again: "The whole season for everybody is, ‘Who am I?’ For Vincent, he has no idea who he is because it’s all been zapped away. When Catherine throws him this lifeline, and he lets her in again, he realizes that he actually is somebody who has a purpose in this world other than to follow orders. It’s kind of interesting to allow them to fall in love all over again, and for her to chisel away at this new guy."

Despite having to rebuild their relationship, Kreuk assures viewers that the first episode of Season 2 will not disappoint those who watch the show for its romance factor: "Oh, it's a really intense episode. The show's pace is going up this season, so a lot is happening. We're three months ahead; three months has passed since the finale, so they're getting filled in on a lot of what happened during that time. It's going to be kind of achingly romantic."

With "Charmed" showrunner and executive producer Brad Kern joining the team, Kreuk also states that this season will focus more on the mythological elements of the plot. Whatever the plot, it is unlikely that the "Beasties" will turn away from the show, as long as the steamy VinCat relationship stays in-tact.

The Season 2 premiere airs tonight on the CW at 9 PM EST.

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