Kristen Wiig Has First Date Live on TV: Fail!

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Probably wasn't a good idea, but Kristen Wiig decided to have a first date with a suitor she met on-line on Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

As one would imagine, it didn't go so well.

The SNL actress interrupted her interview with Jimmy Kimmel to bring out a suitor named David.

Apparently the actress forgot that she had arranged a date with the man on the same evening as her scheduled appearance on the talk show, so she decided to invite him to the show.

"I kind of double-booked," Wiig told Kimmel. "I went online and I met this guy and we're supposed to have this date tonight and I totally forgot I was supposed to be here. So I told him he could come here."

The two didn't see eye to eye on much of anything, including their taste in movies.

"I like interesting, fun movies. I like to feel good when I come out of the theater," she told her date.

"I like horror movies. Violent ones. A lot of blood and death. I like Satan," replied David.

David also shared the fact that he shares a room and a bed with both his mom and aunt at home.

Yea, she bolted.

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