Kristen Stewart Wows at Cannes Debut of "Clouds of Sils Maria"


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Kristen Stewart wowed fans and critics alike at this year's Cannes Film Festival as she promoted her new film, Clouds of Sils Maria. The 24-year-old actress received a standing ovation for her role as Valentine in the new Olivier Assayas' drama, heading to select theaters and the IFC network later this year.

Clouds of Sils Maria shows a complicated relationship between an aging actress (Juliette Binoche) and her assistant (Stewart). In the film, the actress's life falls apart as she takes a role in the re-staging of a play that made her famous 20 years ago, only this time, she playing the middle-aged character.

Chloe Grace Moretz plays the Hollywood starlet that takes the younger role in the play, the role Binoche had 20 years ago; a complicated love triangle between Juliette, Chloe, and Kristen ensues.

Clouds of Sils Maria promises to show a different side of Kristen than the big-budget Hollywood flicks we've seen her in, such as Twilight and Snow White and the Huntsman. Kristen was also excited to take on a role that was a complete reversal of her everyday life - playing the lowly assistant instead of the Hollywood star. "For Kristen to play the assistant was hilarious," said Binoche. "Those kind of details she knows more than I do, in a way, because she's really in a world of paparazzi and all that. We had a lot of discussions about that."

Adds director Assayas about the making of the provocative Sils Maria: "Movies are exciting to make if they're outside how they're usually made — if you're trying to invent a new way, or have a new take on something that no one thought was possible to reinvent."

Kristen wasn't the only Twilight star to represent at Cannes this year; ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson was there as well, promoting two films: Maps to the Stars and The Rover, both of which are earning Robert rave reviews as well. However there was no awkward run-in between the two; Robert made sure to leave the French Riveria before Kristen even arrived!

Check out the trailer for Clouds of Sils Maria below - do you think it'll be Kristen's best performance to date?

Image via Wikimedia Commons