Kristen Stewart Scared Of Twilight Fans' Backlash

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Kristen Stewart shocked the world recently when she was photographed making out with her "Snow White And The Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders...and then publicly admitted she was having an affair and had betrayed longtime boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

Unfortunately for the couple, they are united in more ways than one; they've played Bella and Edward on the big screen for four years now, amassing an enormous following of die-hard Twilight fans who have already created a huge wave of backlash aimed at Kristen. Now that the time has come for her to do promotional work for her other films--namely "On The Road"--she's scared of what will be waiting for her in the real world.

Stewart is right to be wary; as anyone who has seen the crazed fandom on display at any Twilight premiere knows, she and Pattinson have reached a level of superstar which is hard to fathom. They helped bring two romantically-linked, seemingly doomed characters to life and thrilled fans of the books with their real-life relationship. Now that they view her as the one to blame for ending it, it could get very ugly once she returns to the spotlight.

For now, she's taken to hiding out with friends and hasn't appeared much in public since the news broke. As for Pattinson, he's already jumped into the promo game for his film "Cosmopolis", which opened in a limited release this weekend to good reviews. And while no one knows the whole story but the people involved, it's hard for fans to see past the media glare in order to give Stewart a fair shot. It's premature to speculate, but this could even have an adverse effect on her career if she doesn't address the matter soon.

It's already been announced that Stewart, Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner won't be in attendance at the four "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2" conventions around the country this year.

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