Kristen Stewart is Glamour UK's Best Dressed Star

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Kristen Stewart is Glamour UK's best dressed star? I'm just as genuinely surprised as you are. Every single time I see a photo of the "Twilight" star, she looks miserably unhappy. Her posture, her expressions, her attitude -- everything about the poor girl just screams maladjusted, and, for a while, that included her wardrobe. Now, it would seem, she's become a fashion darling, so much so that Glamour UK has named her their best dressed star.

Some of you are smiling, some are cringing. I can feel it.

I'm sure select individuals will be quick to bash me for hating on Stewart, and I can appreciate their anger. After all, Kristen is well liked by many people, including Charlize Theron. Then again, what does she know? All I have to say is "Reindeer Games" and her opinion on just about anything become instantly moot. But, I digress.

Stewart beat out such fashionable females as Kate Middleton, Emma Watson, Selena Gomez, and Blake Lively to land the title of "Best Dressed". Since I know next to nothing about fashion -- I own nearly two dozen black t-shirts, each one with a different B-movie plastered across the front -- I have to assuming that the boys and girls at Glamour UK know what they're talking about. Balenciaga just signed up on as the face of their new fragrance for women, so it would appear that I have no clue as to what I'm talking about.

Glamour UK also named Robert Pattinson as their best dressed guy, which leads me to believe there's some sort of sinister "Twilight"-oriented cabal operating within the dungeons of the magazine. I'm kidding, of course, but feel free to speculate on the matter while you check out the emotional differences between Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart.


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