Kristen Stewart Embarks into Script Writing

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On the heels of a heart-wrenching break-up, Kristen Stewart has decided to navigate her energy toward a new direction. In an effort to harness her emotional ingenuity, Stewart has picked up another hobby that could very well evolve into a new facet of her career.

Stewart is currently in the process of filming “Sils Maria,” in Europe, but that isn't her only project. According to Hollywood Life, a source stated that Stewart is actually penning her first screenplay. Her “Sils Maria” co-star Juliette Binoche is credited as the person who encouraged Stewart to put her thoughts and ideas on paper.

The source also stated that script-writing has been an interest of Stewart's for quite some time.

In an effort to perfect her budding craft, Stewart has also enrolled in English course studies at UCLA. The insider also shared further details in regards to Stewart's interest. “She is already considering a life after film. She never got to complete college and she wants to get a proper education. She is a voracious reader and cannot wait to get going on her correspondence course. It won’t be easy and it will mean putting in some fairly strenuous hours. But once she’s graduated, Kristen will be able to do almost anything she wants, in or out of Hollywood.”

Based on everything Stewart has endured over the past few months, she definitely has a lot to write about so her screenplay should be quite intriguing.
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