Kristen Stewart "Desperate" For Job After "Twilight" Ends

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Kristen Stewart may seem to many like a girl who doesn't need any help finding an acting job; she's been the star of the "Twilight" films for years now and rode out a wave of scandal this past summer to find success with "Snow White And The Huntsman" and "On The Road". But, she says, she's antsy to find a new project now that the "Twilight" series is done and is ready to put Bella behind her.

"I'm kinda desperate to get a job right now," she said. "I'm itching to go back to work."

That's not to say she hasn't been enjoying the last ride in the series that made her a superstar, though.

"I feel really good," she said. "I'm trying to take in every single one of these moments. I don't want to miss one."

Stewart came out of a tricky situation this summer relatively unscathed; although many of her fans were shocked and dismayed to learn she had been unfaithful to her "Twilight" co-star and longtime boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, with her "Snow White And The Huntsman" director, her career seems not to have suffered at all. Now, the couple is back together and things are looking brighter for the young actress.

For now, Stewart says the possibility of her returning for a "Snow White" sequel hasn't been ruled out, despite rumors to the contrary.

Amanda Crum
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