Kristen Saban in Case Against Ex Best Friend


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Lesson of the day: don’t cross Kristen Saban.

The daughter of University of Alabama coach Nick Saban is being sued by her ex best friend Sarah Grimes over allegations of a physical altercation that occurred in 2010.

According to Grimes’ lawyer, Stephen Strickland, Saban punched Grimes “ like Boom Boom Mancini,” referring to the professional boxer. He went on to say that “She beat the devil out of her.”

According to the case’s original civil suit, Grimes suffered from a concussion, elbow contusion, a cervical strain and a headache, and ultimately needed nasal surgery.

Saban, however, says Grimes was the aggressor in the situation and that she was merely defending herself.

According to sworn testimony given by Saban, on the night of the incident, she, Grimes and other friends ended up at Saban’s apartment after a night of heavy drinking, which left everyone intoxicated.

Saban went to her room after Grimes made her feel bad about her relationship with her boyfriend. Saban then posted “No one likes Sarah, yay” on Facebook. After Grimes saw the post, she banged on Saban’s door, and a fight ensued.

Saban testified that Grimes went after her neck, and then the two began to get physical with each other, mainly pulling hair, scratching and slapping.

Grimes filed a suit against Saban in 2012 for an unspecified amount of money. Saban’s attorneys are attempting to have the cased dismissed on the grounds that Saban was defending herself. Grimes’ attorneys believe the case should continue forward.

Just what caused these former best friends and Phi Mu sorority sisters to become at odds with each other? Apparently, it was because Saban didn’t invite Grimes to a workout in the Crimson Tide football facility, or to the premiere of the movie about Coach Saban.

It’s the little things.

Here's what Twitter had to say about the incident:

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