Kristen Bell Leaves Adorable "Frozen" Voicemail For Girl With Cancer

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Kristen Bell, also known as the voice of Anna from Frozen, took time out of her undoubtedly busy schedule to make a little girl's day.

Kristen Bell left a voicemail for 6-year-old Avery Huffman, who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor last month.

In a grand reprise of her voice character, Anna, Kristen Bell greets Avery by name.

Avery is clearly thrilled and a little stunned at the voicemail from Kristen Bell and the look on her face is priceless.

Kristen Bell said on the voicemail, "I hope you're having a great day and playing a lot with Hoppy Jumpy! I love bunnies!"

Kristen Bell continues perfectly in character when she interrupts the voicemail at one point to deliver a message from her sister, Queen Elsa, which states that Avery will be made an honorary queen of Arendelle.

Kristen Bell added, "I think you'll make a great princess! Well, I got to go build a snowman with my friend Olaf now!"

What an adorable way for Kristen Bell to cheer up a tiny cancer patient!

I'm sure Avery will be first in line to see Frozen 2 when it comes out. Fans and characters alike have been suffering from the Frozen fever since the announcement that Disney was taking on a sequel to the unbelievably popular movie.

Backstage with #JohnLasseter after announcing #Frozen2. As you can see we are not mildly excited.

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What do you think of Kristen Bell's sweet Frozen voicemail for Avery?

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