Kristen Bell Expecting Second Child With Husband


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Kristen Bell recently announced that she is expecting her second child with her husband Dax Shepard.

The couple already have one child together, Lincoln, who was born in 2013. The couple were engaged in 2007 and married in 2013. The couple seemed like a strange pair at first, but it soon became apparent to everyone who saw them together that they were happy and a perfect match.

After getting married, the couple was anxious to start a family. Bell became pregnant with their first child fairly quickly.

The couple wanted Lincoln to have a sibling and a normal life.

Shortly after she was born they started the “No Kids Policy” campaign, which they hope will make it illegal for the paparazzi to take photos of children just because they are the children of celebrities.

Other celebrity parents and organizations have joined up with the couple to help protect children who are being exploited by the paparazzi.

While Bell is interested in getting all the help she can get with her campaign, she prefers to be left alone to raise her family and does not use a sitter or a nanny to help her. Of course, she does rely on Dax for some help every now and then.

Since becoming a mother, Bell has slowed down with her acting career and has very few projects that she is currently working on.

Bell has not said if she would like to be a stay-at-home mom while her kids are young, but it seems like she is happy to put her career on hold in order to spend more time with her children and to raise them herself.

What do you think of Kristen and Dax's campaign?

Image via Wikimedia Commons