Kris Jenner Writing Book About Marriage to Bruce, Tells Lamar Odom He's Part of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Family

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Kris Jenner has displayed both her vicious side and her compassionate side in the past few days--if you can believe what the tabloids report.

For example, Hollywood Life says Kris is writing a new tell-all book about her marriage to Bruce Jenner--now, of course, known as Caitlyn Jenner. She is said to be angry and seeking revenge for Caitlyn stealing the spotlight from the Keeping Up With the Kardashians clan.

Caitlyn Jenner reportedly lured several of the KUWTH producers away from Kris Jenner's reality show to work on the docuseries about her transformation from Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn.

That said, Kris will allegedly fill her book with dirt from when the two were husband and wife.

In displaying her compassionate side, Kris Jenner reached out to Lamar Odom following the death of his best friend Jamie Sangouthai, to let him known she still considers him part of the family.

It seems Khloe Kardashian--who isn't yet divorced from Lamar Odom--urged Kris Jenner to contact Lamar after Jamie Sangouthai died.

“Despite being a bad husband to Khloe, Kris absolutely loves Lamar and she too hates to see him in so much pain,” a source tells Hollywood Life. “Kris told Lamar he is still part of the Kardashian family and she will do anything he needs to help him get through this.

So which side of Kris Jenner do you suppose is the more authentic? Is it the vindictive, out-for-blood Kris Jenner who aims to slam Caitlyn Jenner in a new tell-all book or the compassionate Kris Jenner who wants Lamar Odom to know she still loves him like a son?

How would you vote?

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