Kris Jenner: Taking Back Her Kardashian Name After Bruce Jenner Divorce?

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Kris Jenner and estranged husband Bruce Jenner have finalized the arrangements for their divorce. They have reached an agreement about who gets what and lives where, setting up a date for final dissolution of the marriage on March 23, 2015.

Kris Jenner was married to attorney Robert Kardashian from 1978 until they divorced in 1991. They remained close until his death from cancer in 2003. Their post-marital friendship was under some strain during the O.J. Simpson trial, at which Robert served as a defense attorney for O.J. Prior to the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, Robert and Kris had been friends with the Simpson couple.

Kris Jenner married Olympic decathlon champion Bruce Jenner months after her divorce from Robert Kardashian was final. Now that her marriage to Jenner is dissolving, there has been some questions about whether Kris will go back to using her Kardashian surname. In the years since Robert Kardashian's death, Kris Jenner has built an empire around that name. This includes more than one reality television show and the modeling careers for her daughters.

A source for E! News tells the publication that Kris "hasn't yet decided what she's gonna do about her last name. She doesn't seem to be in a rush to decide just yet."

In 2012, Kris Jenner had considered changing her name back to Kardashian, even before the split with Bruce.

"I live in a Kardashian world," she told ABC News. "It's like Kardashian Inc. in my office -- I eat Kardashian. I breathe Kardashian. I sleep Kardashian. I deal in Kardashians -- so everyone calls me Kris Kardashian, and it goes on and on."

She ended up not changing her name at that time. But now that move is a distinct possibility. She and Bruce Jenner did have children together, and that may be a consideration for her. Perhaps a hyphenated "Kardashian-Jenner" or "Jenner-Kardashian" might be in order.

There is one person who hopes that Kris just abandons the Jenner surname -- Bruce Jenner's mother.

“I hope she changes her name back to Kardashian I don’t want her to carry the name,” Esther Jenner said. "She was backstabbing as far as my grandchildren were concerned, and that is something I can’t stand."

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