Kris Jenner May Have Had Kim Do That Sex Tape...And A Reshoot

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Kris Jenner probably won't be getting any Mom Of The Year awards anytime soon; between the startling things that have emerged from Oprah's interview with the Kardashian clan--such as the fact that Kris encouraged Kim to lose her virginity at the age of 14 and helped her get on birth control--and urging daughter Khloe to take a DNA test after it came out that she'd had an affair right around the time she got pregnant with her, it seems like she's doing what she can to prove all the negative things the public believe about her parenting skills.

Now we can throw a sex tape into the mix.

Well, sort of. It hasn't been proven, obviously, but Kris Humphries' ex, Myla Sinanaj, claims that Humphries confided in her during their time together that Kris Jenner pushed Kim into making that 2003 sex tape with Ray J, and may have even told her to reshoot it. Rumor is, she heard Kim was going to make one anyway and decided to capitalize on it. If it were any other mom in the world, I'd shake my head and dismiss it...but seeing what I've seen from Kris just in the past few months while writing for WPN, I'm sort of not surprised by the allegation. I'm not saying she's guilty, but it wouldn't shock me if she was.

Sinanaj has reportedly already been subpoenaed in the trial preparations for Humphries' divorce from Kim, who is now dating Kanye West. Looks like this one will be one to watch!

Few people are aware that Kris has a rather embarrassing video of her own making its way around the web, for a little ditty she sang herself in the '80s called "I Love My Friends".

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