Kris Jenner Impersonated And Threatened


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While a number of celebrities were having their phones hacked and their naked photos stolen, Kris Jenner was also being hacked, but for another purpose.

In July a tape turned up that allegedly contained a recorded conversation between a gossip blogger named Jacky Jasper and a woman he identifies as Kris Jenner.

The tape is over an hour long and allegedly captures Kris cursing and saying a lot of racist comments. Kris denied the tape and insisted that she had been hacked and impersonated.

Although her story sounded like a lame excuse, the FBI began investigating the tape and found out that Kris had indeed been hacked and that she wasn't the voice on the tape.

The hacker was able to hack into Jenner's iCloud account and mimic her voice. The hacker also made reservations at restaurants and sent photos, emails and texts from Jenner's account.

Things got so bad that Jenner started receiving death threats related to the hack and material that was being shared by the hacker.

On Friday the FBI raided a Four Seasons hotel room and seized electronic equipment they think was used in the attacks. They also served a warrant to the suspect, an unnamed women.

The woman claimed that she was innocent and was letting someone else use her computer for the last few months and that was the person who had sent the death threats to Kris.

“On Friday morning I was asleep in my hotel room when I heard a knock on the door. I asked who it was and they said FBI,” the woman told Radar of the terrifying event. “I opened the door and was told to turn around, and was handcuffed, facing 12 agents with guns pointed at me,” the suspect said.

“They told me they’d been tracking me and had been building a case. They asked who certain people’s cars were and about people they’d seen me with,” the alleged perpetrator said and added that “I told them it was someone I let use my computer and laptop a lot over the course of eight months.”

The woman is working with the police to find the person behind the death threats.