Kris Jenner Accused Of Being Too Hard On Bruce

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Kris Jenner seems to be able to control many of the people in her life, mostly her family members.

She has been accused of only allowing her daughters to date people who are famous or successful, encouraging them to do things for media attention and now she is accused of being too hard on Bruce and making him feel like he is not good enough for her or the rest of the family.

Bruce has been going through some changes and rumors have even suggested that he may be getting ready to have a sex change.

Bruce has denied these rumors but still seems to be trying very hard to change himself.

Many people wonder if he is trying to change so Kris will be more accepting of him. According to Bustle, Bruce's changes are only making Kris more annoyed with him.

Sources close to Kris and Bruce claim that Kris has pushed Bruce to make changes to his appearance, but only the ones she approves of. In the past Bruce has had a facelift and had his Adam's apple shaved down. Kris seemed to be okay with these changes but isn't so happy about some of the most recent ones.

Earlier this year Bruce started growing his hair out and sported both a ponytail and a mullet. According to Reality TV Magazine, Kris was allegedly furious with his long hair. Bruce has also been dyeing his hair and getting his nails done, two more things that Kris doesn't like.

Another source claimed that Bruce has been wearing Spanx to control his shape and figure. While Spanx does make a line of products for men, Kris doesn't think Bruce should be wearing them. He allegedly admitted to Kris that he was embarrassed to wear them and ask that she not tell anyone. Kris told their daughters and a source claimed that they all make fun of Bruce together.

In the midst of all the physical changes Bruce is going through, some people have noticed some personality changes as well and suggest that Kris might be being too hard on Bruce and causing him to suffer from some self-esteem issues.

Bruce may be trying to get Kris's attention, but all she is giving him is more criticism.

Do you think Kris is being too hard on Bruce and could her judgmental ways be causing problems for him?

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