Kourtney Kardashian Will Remain A Baby Mama, Scott Disick Ain't Putting A Ring On It

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Keeping up with the Kardashians fans have probably been waiting for a long time for an announcement on whether or not Kourtney and longtime partner Scott Disick will ever get married. Well, according to Scott, it seems that fans have to wait longer. PEOPLE caught up with Disick at a Las Vegas party on January 17. In the interview, Disick revealed that he and Kourtney have no plans of getting married anytime soon.

“If it's not broke don't fix it – we're happy the way it is," Scott said in the interview. “I don't even think we'll have time to get married at the rate that we're popping out kids,” Scott added, referring to the fact that Kourtney recently gave birth to their new baby named Reign.

Kourtney and Scott have three children together, and Scott revealed in the interview that he’s really enjoying being a dad. “There's always so much in the beginning when they're that little. Every day is such a big milestone, but this is my third time so it's just kind of a charm,” Scott said.

“You know it by now; the first one was scary, the second one was less scary, and the third one you're like, I get it, I got a whole team over here,” the reality TV star added.

Kourtney and Scott’s relationship have suffered recently because of Scott’s hard-partying ways. However, Scott promised Kourtney that he will clean up his act and stay off the drugs and alcohol. Despite this, rumors are still surfacing that Scott is having a hard time changing his ways.

TMZ recently reported of an incident in a hotel in Aspen involving Scott and his friends. According to the report, Disick and company ordered a lot of alcohol (even stealing a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label from the bar) and trashed their hotel room. All this happened while Kourtney was at home on baby duty.

Whether or not Scott took part in the incident or if it was just the work of his posse remains to be seen.

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