Kohl's Shooting on Thanksgiving, Suspects Charged

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Two men have been charged in a shooting that occurred Thursday at Kohl's located in Romeoville, IL. Employees reported the alleged shoplifters just after 10 p.m. Thanksgiving night. Once the patrol car pulled up to the entrance of the store, one suspect bolted into his waiting car and closed the door on the pursuing officers arm, and proceeded to drive. The police made a statement saying the backup officer fired two or three shots toward the driver when he refused orders to stop, striking him once in the shoulder.

The two men, Robert Russell, 51, and Gerald Chamberlain, 28, are facing charges after the altercation. Russell, the driver, is charged with attempted murder, theft and obstructing an officer. Russell suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder after attempting to flee the scene. Chamberlain, the passenger, who was inside the store during the ruckus is being charged with theft. Both Russell and the officer were taken to the hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

The suspects, Russell and Chamberlain, both have a laundry list of criminal backgrounds, including previous theft and drug charges.

The police officer has been released from the hospital, with injuries to his arm and shoulder, after being dragged some distance by the car. Russell remains hospitalized.

Images (via) News Footage.

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