Kobe Bryant H-O-R-S-E eBay Auction Winner Goes Big


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You might remember the Kobe Bryant eBay auction from May of this year (2012) where Bryant's game-worn plastic face mask was offered. The winning bidder wound up paying $67,100 for the right to own the Lakers' star's Phantom of the Opera mask. Last week, another Kobe Bryant-based eBay auction went live, with the highest bidder winning an opportunity to play a game of H-O-R-S-E against one of the best scorers to play in the NBA.

It, like the plastic mask before it, also drew some substantial bids. While not as much as the protective piece of plastic, the winning bidder for the H-O-R-S-E game will be paying $22,322.22 for the right to test their shooting skills against Bryant. While the "any given Sunday" kind of thinking is always something to acknowledge when competitive sports are involved, unless the winning bidder is a trick-shot artist, the game probably won't last very long because this is what the winner will be going up against:

Good luck. It should be noted the winning bidder will have an opportunity to at least put some pressure on Kobe shoot the ball a few times. Even if they miss one of Kobe's attempts, while they'll be assigned a letter for the miss, the winning bidder will be allowed to lead off in the next round. This alternates until someone completes the H-O-R-S-E spelling, meaning the high bidder will have about five chances to shoot first.

The proceeds from the considerable bidding war will go to the Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation's Youth Homelessness Initiative. As for the bidding aspect, here how the final bidding broke down:


In other news, for those out there keeping score, that's two eBay auctions Kobe Bryant's been attached to since May. The combined total for the winning bids is $89422.22. That's not a bad total for someone who is supposed to be a divisive personality.

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