Klum Saves Drowning Son in Hawaii


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It turns out that Heidi Klum has skills that go beyond hosting and modeling. The 39-year-old host of TV show Project Runway has told US Weekly that she had a hand in saving her family from drowning.

According to the report, Klum was on a beach in Oahu, Hawaii this week when a riptide swept two nannies and her seven-year-old son Henry out into the water. She and her bodyguard, Martin Kirsten (who is also her boyfriend), were able to play Baywatch and save the stranded swimmers. Heidi admits, though, that Henry was able to swim back to shore by himself.

Klum and her family had been vacationing in Hawaii for the Easter holiday. Before the incident occurred, Klum had posted a picture to her Twitter feed depicting Easter eggs sitting on the black volcanic rock of a Hawaiian beach: