Kirsten Dunst: Brad Pitt Kiss Was "Disgusting"

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A large portion of women around the world would do just about anything to lock lips with Brad Pitt, but to have the famous actor be their first kiss would be something almost too fanciful to imagine. So, when a young actress dismisses that very event with a word like "disgusting," people will take notice.

In an interview with Bullett this week, Kirsten Dunst reveals that her on-screen kiss with Brad Pitt in the movie Interview With the Vampire wasn't a life-changing moment. She was only 12 at the time, playing a young girl who is turned into a vampire.

The kiss was Dunst's first one in her life, and she describes it as "just a peck." Though the people around her were telling her how lucky she was to kiss the actor, she only knew her co-star as "a hippie-ish cool dude" with long hair.

"...I thought it was disgusting," said Dunst, describing the kiss.

It turns out the burgeoning actress wasn't yet into boys. She goes on to state that she didn't kiss anyone else until she was 16, so it's clear that Dunst might have had a different opinion on the kiss if she had been a little older. In that way, it's not entirely an insult to Pitt.

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