Kingdoms Of Amalur DLC "Teeth Of Naros" Trailer Released


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I think it's painfully clear now that I am hopelessly in love with with 38 Studios' Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Part of this love comes from the fantastic DLC that has been released for the game so far. Last month's "Legend of Dead Kel" added an entirely new continent with great characters and sidequests that really stood out as one of the best DLC releases in recent memory. The newest DLC, releasing just a month later, the "Teeth of Naros" looks to be just as good.

As previously reported, "Teeth of Naros" will feature a floating city inhabited by a colossal race of religiously devout giants. While it might not be as big as Gallow's End from Dead Kel, it's a floating city. That should be enough to make the most jaded fantasy RPG fan squeal with joy.

Alongside our first look at what the floating city looks like, we get our first look at the giants who look like giant walking statues. They also mention that they are descendants of the Titans adding a bit of Greek myth flair to the game that I am totally okay with.

As for the gameplay itself, we're not shown much. We see some new enemy types alongside some new traps. Speaking of traps, the ones seen in the trailer are emphasized which makes me think that they are going to play a larger role in the dungeons this time around. They also look far more dangerous which should make exploring more fun.

"Teeth of Naros" launches on Xbox 360, PS3, Steam and Origin on April 17. It almost seems like they're going to be putting out new DLC every month at this rate and I'm okay with that. "Legend of Dead Kel" came out a month after the initial release which may make it subject to suspicions of the DLC already being finished, but I don't care. If the DLC for Amalur can stay this good, I don't mind them releasing new chunks every month.