Kim Zolciak: Stroke Prompts Elimination from 'Dancing With the Stars'

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Kim Zolciak's stroke is the reason behind her elimination from Dancing With the Stars this week, and the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star isn't happy about it.

It was last week when Kim Zociak suffered what doctors are calling a mini stroke.

Per the Dancing With the Stars rules, contestants must withdraw from performing if illness prevents them from dancing. Kim Zolciak doesn't want to drop out because of her stroke, however. Pro dance partner Tony Dovolani is "hoping to persuade" the show's lawyers to allow her to come back.

"I'm very proud of Kim," he said. "She improved every week. This was such an unfortunate thing. Listen, she was in the hospital for three days and still came in on Saturday and learned the dance in an hour and a half. We were prepared to dance, just that they hadn't cleared her to fly yet. That's the reason why she's not here."

Had Kim Zolciak been cleared by doctors to fly, she would have returned to L.A. to perform on Monday. That was her plan.

"I practiced for hours Saturday I was so excited to be there tonight! I just needed a few more days and then I'm cleared to fly! ? #ImReallySad #ImStrong," she captioned the following photo she posted to Instagram.

Kim Zolciak is urging fans to Tweet the powers-that-be at Dancing With the Stars, urging them to allow her return.

Surely Kim Zolciak's stroke makes her a greater liability on Dancing With the Stars than she was before she suffered it.

Do you think Kim Zolciak should be allowed back on the show, despite having suffered a stroke?

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