Kim Kardashian Snubbed By Vanity Fair


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Kim Kardashian might be well known, but that doesn't mean everyone in Hollywood thinks of her as a star. Although Kim is often seen at big Hollywood parties, she did not receive an invitation to the recent Vanity Fair Oscar party.

Kim and husband Kanye West attended Elton John‘s annual Aids Foundation Oscar party instead of the Vanity Fair event, but according to a source close to Kim, she was upset that she did not get an invite to her first choice of events.

"Kim had been hoping to get an invite to the Vanity Fair party,” the source said.

“It’s the hottest party during the entire awards season and Kim desperately wanted to go. Kim’s camp had made inquiries to the Vanity Fair party host Graydon Carter about whether she’d make the list. He never got back to her people! It wasn’t ever going to ever happen.”

“Everyone knows Vanity Fair is strictly A-list only, which means, no reality stars,” the source continued. “It would have been a circus if Kim along with her mom and sisters went to the party. Graydon would have gotten nothing but grief from actors that didn’t get an invite!”

The Vanity Fair Oscar party was designed for A-list celebrities, and since Kim is only a reality TV star, it's easy to see why she wasn't invited.

While Kim may have been upset about not attending the event, she didn't let it get her down and she decided to look her best for Elton John's Aids Foundation Oscar party. Kim wore a red dress that showed a small amount of cleavage, but otherwise kept her covered. She posted a selfie to her Instagram as well as a photo of her and her family at the event.

Maybe Kim will be invited to the Vanity Fair party next year.

What did you think of Kim's red dress?

Image via Kim Kardashian, Instagram