Kim Kardashian Reveals Weight Loss Secrets


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Its been a little over four months since Kim Kardashian gave birth to her beautiful daughter, North West. Under the watchful eyes of the media, the reality TV starlet has always been under a microscope, and her pregnancy was no different. Unfortunately, her drastic weight gain from the pregnancy only magnified the intense levels of scrutiny and constant criticism. But, that wasn't enough to keep the model down.

Kardashian immediately made great strides to shed the baby weight, producing impressive results in a short period of time. The change was so deft that people soon became intrigued with how she transformed so quickly.

When asked by a fan via Twitter what her secret was to her rapid weight loss results, Kardashian tweeted back, revealing what everyone wanted to know. She accredited her weight loss success to Atkins.

For those who aren't familiar with the Aktins diet, here's the gist: Officially referred to as the Atkins Nutritional Approach, the dietary method is a low-carbohydrate regimen backed by physician and cardiologist Robert Atkins. The diet is actually more than 40 years old.

Atkins based his study on his own weight loss battle after reading Dr. Alfred Pennington's 1958 publication, ”Weight Reduction.” In conjunction with Dr. Pennington's study, Atkins developed his own dietary regimen. In 1972, the diet soared to new heights when Dr. Atkins mainstreamed the method introducing it to the world with his first book, “Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution.”

Now the diet has evolved into a weight loss revolution with prepared meals, milk shakes, snack bars and cookbooks. The diet plan has also moved into another popular facet with people using the method for lifetime weight loss maintenance.

While the Atkins diet is widely known to produce results, Kim Kardashian's success just edifies the method even more. Kardashian's celebrity personal trainer also weighed in on her weight loss results, accrediting Atkins in conjunction with specified work out regiments.


Image(s) via Twitter | Kim Kardashian