Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Enjoy Utah Ski Trip

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Kim Kardashian shared some photos of her and Kanye West during a recent trip to Utah. They were there to join some of Kim’s childhood friends and their spouses for a getaway far from their kids. In the photos, the celebrity couple looked as stylish as ever, with Kim going for style rather than function. One photo shows Kim wearing a helmet, and was captioned, “My friends made me wear a helmet skiing and I was not happy about it but feel it's more safe and I'm into it now if you can't tell.”

It’s pretty clear that Kim had a blast during their getaway. She even posted a group photo with her friends, saying, “Best 24 hr ski trip with 8 couples! All my best friends from childhood, nope they won't let me tag them or name them. I respect their privacy by just posting a pic lol”. A source told Us Weekly, “It was all of Kim's best friends that she grew up with and their spouses. Everyone left their kids at home, and it was one of the first couples' weekends where everyone went. Kim goes way back with the girls and had the best time.”

Shortly after Kim Kardashian posted her photos from the trip, Kim and her sisters took part in what seems to be the family pastime: posting selfies on Instagram. It all started when Kendall Jenner tweeted “sister selfie” along with a picture of her and sisters, Kim and Kylie. Khloe Kardashian also joined in on the fun, posting a picture on Instagram with her looking all dolled up. She captioned the photo, “A little glam moment brought to you by @makeupbymario and @cwoodhair.”

If there’s anyone who would be in a contest of sorts to see who has the most Instagram followers, it would be the Kardashians.

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