Kim Jong Un Baby: Dictator May Be A Father


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Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, married Ri Sol-ju in the middle of last year. Now the couple has reportedly had their first child.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that Sol-ju secretly gave birth to her first child late last year. The news comes from South Korea who have reportedly confirmed the birth though North Korea isn't talking.

So why is North Korea not wanting the world to celebrate in their glorious leader's new child? According to some foreign policy analysts, the country didn't announce the birth because the child wasn't a boy. That being said, nobody's sure as to the sex of the child at this point though.

If the baby is a girl, it's unlikely that she'll be put into a position of power in North Korea. The Free Beacon notes, however, that North Korea is slowly turning into a family dynasty so nothing is off the table. They note that Sol-ju may even have more power than initially thought as she has been seen having considerable sway over decisions made by Kim Jong Un.

It's not known when Kim Jong Un will announce the birth of his first child, but he can't hide it forever. It's likely that we'll see some news of it this year. Until then, start preparing for all the Baby Kim memes.

[Image: Kim Jong Un Looking At Things]