Kim Goldman Speaks 20 Years After O.J. Simpson Verdict that Cleared Him of Killing Her Brother, Ron Goldman

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Kim Goldman is a victim's advocate, a radio host, a mom, an author. Goldman sat in a courtroom 20 years ago today and heard the words that would forever impact her life. She heard O.J. Simpson declared not guilty for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and her brother, Ron Goldman.

"When we got to the doors to walk into the courtroom, I stood frozen. I couldn't make it across the threshold," Kim Goldman said in a recent interview with ABC's Los Angeles station KABC. "And a friend of mine who's a DA investigator just pushed me over and said, 'You've got this. You're strong. You can handle it.' And the rest is sort of history when you watch the playback."

“I could remember feeling my heart like thumping so loudly that I thought it was going to pop out of my chest,” she said of how she felt awaiting the jury's announcement.

"I was thinking that Ron's verdict may be different. I don't know why I thought that, but I wanted to hear Ron's verdict loud and clear," Kim Goldman said. "I just couldn't believe it. I felt shock and despair and betrayal, and Judge [Lance] Ito told everybody to quiet down and tried to get control of the courtroom. We just got up and walked out."

Kim Goldman has spent years coping with the O.J. Simpson verdict. She has written two books throughout the years. The newer of the two--Media Circus--came out just last week.

"Because of my experience, I was able to elicit such honesty from these families because the media have never asked what it was like to live the private tragedy in the public eye," she says.

Most people remember where they were during the infamous O.J. Simpson white bronco televised chase.

Do you remember where you were 20 years ago today when Kim Goldman and her family--as well as members of Nicole Brown Simpson's family--heard that O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of killing their loved ones?

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