Kim Fields Is Pregnant Again, It's A Boy


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Kim Fields had a profound impact on kids' lives when she played Tootie on The Facts of Life. Now she has the opportunity to play a major role in her own children's lives, including one child that's on the way.

On The Real yesterday, Kim Fields announced to the world that she was pregnant. She confirmed on the daytime talk show that the new baby is a boy, and she even has a name for him - Quincy Xavier. Take that, Prince George.

The circumstances surrounding Fields' pregnancy are somewhat interesting. She says that she didn't even know she was pregnant at first. In fact, she thought that she was pre-menopausal at first. She then went to the doctor after catching a stomach bug, and the doctor said that she was two months pregnant.

This latest baby is Fields' second baby. She previously gave birth to a son named Christopher six years ago. He's reportedly excited about having a little brother, but I'm sure that will change as Quincy grows up. It's going to be hard to compete with a brother who has such an awesome name.

Fields is also incredibly excited about having another kid, and even more so after coming off of two painful miscarriages. She says that the impending arrival of Quincy Xavier makes her feel very blessed and that she couldn't have gotten through the last two failed pregnancies without the help of her friends, family and God.

After the announcement, she took to Twitter to thank her fans for their support: