Kim Clijsters And Husband Welcome Second Child


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Famous tennis champion, Kim Clijsters, and her husband, Brian Lynch, welcomed their second child into the world on Wednesday, September 18, 2013.

The baby boy was met with heartfelt enthusiasm from everyone in the family as the proud mother showed in her first Twitter post about her newborn son.

The newly retired Kim Clijsters left the sport in 2012 after competing in the U.S. Open. Though an avid, and talented tennis player the humble Kim does nothing but praise those athletes who are still actively involved in competing as professional tennis players.

Shortly after participating in the U.S. Open competition, Kim announced her pregnancy and has been busy preparing for the birth of her son ever since.

Kim Clijsters will have her hands full with her beautiful daughter Jada, and now a newborn son named Jack, but will there be room to maneuver a reentry back into the realm of professional tennis? For now, fans will be rejoicing in the fact that the talented athlete has managed two healthy pregnancies and has a wonderful family to enjoy.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons And Courtesy Of Swordsman]