Kiele Sanchez Pregnant With First Child

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Kiele Sanchez is pregnant with her first baby with husband Zach Gilford.

A star on the hit show Kingdom, Kiele Sanchez, 37, made the big announcement at Sunday's Television Critics Association summer previews.

Kiele Sanchez opened up about the problem her pregnancy created in playing her character, Lisa, who is pregnant on the show, but Lisa is unsure if she should keep baby.

Kiele Sanchez told the crowd on Sunday, "I am playing a woman who is pretty detached from the thing that's growing inside her, and I couldn't be more excited about my pregnancy."

She continued, "So when I slip into Lisa, I'm at odds with this thing down here. It's something that I think that she at certain points really questions her decision to keep it, which couldn't be further from my own life."

She added, "So it's a weird, strange, strange thing, especially when he kicks during a scene, you have to go on as if this thing didn't just move inside your body. So it's bizarre."

That would be sort of weird. If you don't watch Kingdom, you might know Kiele Sanchez from The Glades. She had a recurring role as Callie Cargill.

Kiele Sanchez was also on Lost, playing Nikki Fernandez.

More recently, Kiele Sanchez starred with her husband in The Purge: Anarchy.

Getting my purge on. #purgebreakout

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