Kidnapped Girl Found Alive And Well


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Fourteen-year-old Ayvani Hope Perez was snatched from her own Ellenwood, Georgia, home earlier this week by two armed men who broke into the house through the backdoor. The home invasion happened shortly after 2 in the morning on Tuesday where the two criminals shot and killed the young girl's dog while her mother and sibling were in the house with her.

Police reported that the mother tried to hide the two children; however, the two men were forceful and demanded jewelry and money. Reports claim that the mother told the two men she did not have money and jewelry. Though the exact chain of events that followed is still somewhat inconclusive, the men did shoot the barking dog and take the young Ayvani Hope Perez from her home.

Fortunately, the young girl has been found safe only a day after the horrific ordeal. The kidnappers held the girl captive and demanded $10,000 as ransom while they kept her. Luckily for Ayvani this story has a happy ending. The two men responsible for the heinous crime (Wildrego Jackson, aged 29-years-old, and Juan Alberto Rodriguez, aged 40-years-old) have been taken into custody by the Clayton County police, which was reported by Police Chief Greg Porter.

Ayvani Hope Perez was found in a suburb close to where the home invasion occurred and has since been reunited with her family. Details about her rescue and the capture of the two criminals have not been made public. Knowing that the young girl is safe with her family and able to begin the process of healing from the traumatic ordeal is some of the positive news that has been shared. Collective community involvement was also a factor in ensuring the girl's safe return. According to Lt. Marc Richards from the Clayton County Police Department, members of the community shared information with the department. "We've been receiving numerous tips on various hotlines," Marc Richards said.

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