Khalil And Bieber Arrested- Who's Khalil?


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Justin Bieber was arrested early on Thursday for DUI and drag racing. Bieber was released from jail Thursday afternoon on a $2,500 bail. While it seems like Bieber is just one of many young stars who have been in trouble with the law recently, the question on everyone's mind isn't why he was racing, but who he was racing. So who was driving the other car?

That person would be R&B singer Khalil Amir Sharieff, who is a close friend of Bieber's. Khalil has released a few tracks and been featured in many others. He was recently featured in three songs on Lil Twist's mixtape "The Golden Child."

Khalil is also under the legal drinking age at only 19 years old. He and Bieber are facing the same charges of driving under the influence and drag racing. Bieber was also driving with an expired license at the time and also admitted to taking prescription drugs and using marijuana when he was arrested.

Bieber was recently in trouble with the law for allegedly egging his neighbor's home. When Bieber's home was searched, one of his other rapper buddies was arrested on suspicion of drug possession.

Bieber's arrival in Florida has been scandalous from the beginning. Police are currently investigating an unauthorized use of police vehicles that allegedly occurred when two unmarked police cars escorted Bieber from the airport.

Miami police claim that nobody authorized such an escort and they are not sure where Bieber was taken. However, the police have not blamed Bieber for the incident.

Bieber has hired an attorney but he and Khalil could both face fines of several thousands of dollars and even jail time.

What do you think of Bieber and Khalil's arrests?

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