KFC Corsage: Put a Wing on it for Prom


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One fast food restaurant is taking prom wardrobe ideas to a whole new level.

KFC recently teamed up with Kentucky florist company, Nanz & Kraft, to debut a fashionable, but yet irresistible corsage.

The chicken franchise is now selling prom corsages embellished with baby's breath flowers and an attached chicken drumstick.

(Yea, I know. I'm thinking the same thing you are right about now.)

Surprisingly, the $20 corsage is already attracting buzz online-specifically on Twitter.

According to People, the KFC corsage is definitely a memorable piece to invest in:

“Prom is about making memories, and what's more memorable than being presented with this in front of your parents, and trying not to get chicken grease on your date's rental tux?”

The corsage doesn't come with a piece of chicken, but instead a $5 gift card to any restaurant location. However, you could always make your way to KFC right before prom, buy your favorite styled chicken of choice, and place it on the tiny flower arrangement.

One high school kid has already experienced how beneficial the KFC corsage is for a prom proposal:

In KFC's rather funny advertisement for the corsage, you can tell that the company is enjoying this idea a little too much.

The advertisement reads:

“Love can be awkward. Make it less awkward by surprising your date with a corsage that will make her eyes light up and her mouth water."

Clearly, they aren't taking this too serious because the commercial is quite strange, but super funny-especially the kissing scene:

KFC says that they only have an inventory of 100 corsages and 20 have already been sold, including an order for a wedding ceremony in Kentucky.

So, if you're interested in making a tasty fashion statement, move quickly because they are running out fast.

 Click here to buy a KFC corsage.

 Image via YouTube