Kevin Spacey Has Signed On To A Role In J.D. Salinger Biopic

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Kevin Spacey has reportedly joined the cast of Rebel In The Rye, a biopic about Catcher In The Rye author J.D. Salinger.

The film will star Nicholas Hoult as Salinger, and Spacey will play one of the author's mentors, Story Magazine editor Whit Burnett. The story will reportedly focus quite a bit on Salinger's "rebellious" youth--hence the title--and the years surrounding the publication of his hit novel, after which he famously became reclusive.

Spacey has a full schedule of late; not only is he still starring on the hit Netflix show House Of Cards--which comes back March 4--he's also head of Relativity Studios in Hollywood and is now a spokesman for WISekey, a group dedicated to cyber security.

“I’ve always been fascinated by this particular space. Now that I am the chairman of the studio, in light of the Sony hacks last year, this is a wake-up call for anybody, not just in my business but for any business. If you want to protect your content and you want to protect your intellectual property, now it’s my responsibility to make sure we do that,” Kevin said.

Spacey's other projects this year include Billionaire Boys Club and Baby Driver; he's also playing Richard Nixon in Elvis & Nixon.

Spacey recently left London's Old Vic Theatre after spending 11 years as artistic director, and says now that he's excited to start a new chapter of his creative life with Relativity.

"They thought we were crazy when we chose to do House of Cards with an online streaming service; they thought I was crazy when I went to run The Old Vic Theatre when no one thought it could be saved; and this move with Relativity will be proof for some that we really are crazy. This is an incredible opportunity to make great entertainment. I’m thrilled at this next evolution in my career, having run an independent production company to now be able to run a studio is a great challenge, and I’ve learned that in the end it’s the risk takers that are rewarded," Kevin Spacey said.

Amanda Crum
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