Kevin McHale Latest Coach in String of Sketchy Behavior


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Oh, Kevin McHale. You sneaky coach, you.

If you happened to catch the Houston Rockets play the San Antonio Spurs this past Saturday, November 30, you may have seen Houston coach McHale try to pull a fast one over on the Spurs' Tim Duncan.

Near the end of the first half, Duncan was set to throw an inbound pass from in front of the Rockets bench, when what does he see to his right? At just the spot where he plans on throwing the ball? Oh, just coach McHale. Standing right there.

Just like everyone else watching, Duncan was in a state of disbelief. Even when the ref threw him the ball, he didn't catch it. Instead, he allowed it to hit the floor and roll into the middle of the court, later explaining it was because he thought what McHale was doing was wrong.

The refs deemed that McHale was well within his rights to stand there, and Duncan went ahead and completed a successful pass to Manu Ginobili.

Judge McHale's shenanigans for yourself on the above video.

McHale isn't the only coach to display sketchy behavior this week. Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin had a trick up his sleeve on Thanksgiving when his team played the Baltimore Ravens.

Tomlin had his foot on the field, as the Ravens' Jacoby Jones was making his way up the field, hugging the sidelines. With his back facing Jones, and the pretty exciting play that was taking place – which is weird in itself – Tomlin dramatically jumps back on the sidelines, causing Jones to move towards the middle of the field and get tackled, likely preventing a touchdown.

Even with that shady move, the Ravens were still able to beat the Steelers. Watch Tomlin yourself, below.

And let us not forget Nets coach Jason Kidd's drink-spilling incident earlier in the week, in which he mouths to his own player, “hit me,” so that he can drop his drink on the court, and cause a time out. This little stunt resulted in a $50,000 fine for Kidd. Watch this scandalous moment below.

Basketball fans used Twitter to show their feelings about McHale's behavior.

Oh, coaches. Although the depths you sink to in order to get a win are pretty ridiculous, they do provide a bit of entertainment.

Image via Wikimedia Commons