Kevin Bacon Gives Us The "Footloose" Revamp We Deserve

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Kevin Bacon has a very successful television career with "The Following", but that doesn't mean he's forgotten his roots; namely, the movie that gave us so many glorious dancing montages (Chris Penn, line dancing!) and one infamous game of chicken 30 years ago.

With the anniversary of the release of "Footloose" coming up, Bacon teamed up with Jimmy Fallon to recreate some of the more famous scenes from the film because, you know, dancing is outlawed on NBC sets, and Bacon won't have that. It's been a while since he got his body to move like that, but he did an amazing job down the hallways of "The Tonight Show". He was such a good sport, he even donned the maroon tux again for the "Let's daaaaaance!" moment.

This sort of thing is right up Fallon's alley; the talk show host loves to give us a nice dose of nostalgia, as evidenced in his first week on "The Tonight Show", when he and Will Smith did the "Evolution of Hip-Hop".

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