Kevin Bacon: "Chemistry Class" Includes Making Out

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Kevin Bacon, who stars in the new Fox thriller "The Following", reportedly has quite a bit of chemistry with his male co-star, James Purefoy. In fact, a reporter at a press conference recently noted how well the duo works together and said, "I just want to see them kiss". And Bacon, never missing a beat, leaned over and planted a hearty smack on Purefoy's cheek.

"Rule nothing in, rule nothing out," Purefoy said.

The two are drumming up media attention for their new show, which follows Bacon as he tries to track down a sadistic serial killer obsessed with Edgar Allen Poe. The show, which was written by Kevin Williamson of "Scream" fame, had some unfortunate timing when it debuted right after the grisly Sandy Hook shootings. Network producers pulled several ads for the show in an effort to be sensitive, meaning it didn't get the push they originally wanted.

It seems to be doing well in early reviews regardless, and Bacon says the show fits right in to the things he chooses to watch on his own downtime now.

"I used to be the guy who only had eyes for basketball and '60 Minutes' when it came to TV," he said. "Now, I'm the guy sitting down to watch an entire season of 'The Wire' or 'Six Feet Under' and obsessed with 'Dexter' week after week."

"The Following" premieres on January 21st.

Amanda Crum
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