Keri Russell Talks 'The Americans' Season 2

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Keri Russell returns to the small screen on Wednesday night in the second season of The Americans. The former Felicity star plays a Soviet spy named Elizabeth Jennings who is supposedly married to another Soviet spy played by actor Matthew Rhys.

In season one it was apparently not an unfamiliar sight to see Russell's character slapping Rhys's character around, and that reportedly will continue in season two as well.

"Yeah, that's an old tradition that's been upheld from the last season," Rhys said during an interview E! News. "It goes back to the audition, the first audition that I had, the chemistry read that I had with Keri where she was told by Gavin O'Connor, the director, to slap me in the scene, completely unbeknownst to me, and did incredibly hard, and has consequently continued to do so in two seasons now. It's happened several times. She likes to do it at inopportune moments, or when she thinks I'm least expecting it."

"The last season, which was about the divide between Phillip and Elizabeth, you do see them on a far more, as I think was hinted at the in the end of last season, they are a lot more of a united front this year," Rhys added. "The family conflict becomes a lot louder, as the ever more growing inquisitive teenage daughter becomes a lot more aware of the bizarreness of her parents' disappearance."

It seems Russell and Rhys's TV daughter (Paige is played by Holly Taylor) is about to stir up some trouble.

"She's growing up and so is her mind, and so is her interest in everything, so she plays a big part this year," Keri Russell told E!.

The Americans has its own Twitter page, and has enthusiastically shared word of season 2's premiere.

Keri Russell also joked with E! about the sizzling scenes she will perform in season 2 of The Americans with her "husband."

"There's lots of beer involved, I'm sure, to get us through," Russell said.

Will you be tuning in at 10:00 PM ET on Wednesday evening February 26th to see the premiere of the second season of The Americans?

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