Keri Russell: Is She Dating Her Television Co-Star?


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After a season of their show airing, Keri Russell and Matthew Ryhs appear that they might be linked romantically. There are rumors swirling around about the couple after recently been seen together in a way that shows that the two of them may more than just co-stars of their hit show.

It has not been long since the recent announcement that Keri Russell and her husband were getting separated, and it seems that she may have found a new love in her life already.

She was with her husband Shane Dreary for seven years until the recent news of their separation. Since their marriage in 2007, they had two children together, a son, River, and a daughter, Willa.

Keri Russell and Mattthew Rhys play a couple on the popular FX series, The Americans. After two seasons of filming and one season that has aired already, their relationship may have become more than something that is just an on-screen romance.

The news of a new relationship is certainly a good headline for the actress to have after having a difficult time recently. In addition to her recent separation, she also had her home burglarized while she was at home and asleep.

On The Americans, the two of them star as KGB spies who are living in the suburbs of Washington D.C. during the Cold War. In its first season, the show is already the most watched show on the FX network, and will look to have success again with the second season.

They play spies on the show, and they might just be trying to keep their relationship a secret from their fans as well. The two of them were seen walking around Keri Russell's neighborhood around Christmas time while shopping and looking at furniture on the street.

The actors have not addressed the rumors yet, but people were able to spot them together. After being spotted days ago, a source told People Magazine that "They looked very much like a couple. They were laughing and walking closely together."

Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys' KGB action characters return for a new season of action and romance in The Americans on February 26th.

Image via Wikimedia Commons