Kent State Active Shooter In Custody


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Kent State University was placed under lockdown on Wednesday evening after gunshots were fired on campus. According to reports, a man fired a single shot into the ground on the campus near Bowman Hall.

The lockdown was immediately issued and students were told to stay inside and in place until a search of the campus was complete. The campus was searched thoroughly and police believe that the man had fled the scene as soon as the shot was fired.

The entire search took almost 4 hours and authorities were able to locate the suspect off campus. Once he was in custody, the lockdown was lifted and students were told that it was safe to move around the campus.

Nobody was injured during the incident and police are trying to determine why the man was on the campus or decided to fire a shot into the ground.

There is currently no information about the suspect available and it is not clear if he was a student at the college. Students received texts and emails telling them that there was an active shooter on campus and that they should stay where they are and lock their doors.

According to the campus police, the shooter is currently being held at the Robinson Memorial Hospital in Ravenna. They did not say if he is injured or why he is at the hospital.

Kent State was the site of the infamous Kent State massacre that occurred on May 4, 1970. A large group of students, who were unarmed, were protesting the Cambodian Campaign when the Ohio National Guard fired 67 rounds over a period of 13 seconds, killing four students and wounding nine others.

The incident shocked the nation and to this day, it is unclear why the Ohio National Guard gunmen were so quick to shoot at the unarmed students.

Image via Wikimedia Commons