Kenny Chesney's Gonna Deliver a YouTube Serenade Tonight

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The country music megastar with the allergy to shirt sleeves, Kenny Chesney, is bringing his boot-scootin' beach bum road show to a lucky 20,000 fans in Wildwood Beach, New Jersey, tonight but if you weren't able to score a free ticket - yep, tickets were free to this one - fret not. Thanks to YouTube and VEVO, you can tune in online this evening to watch the whole 75-minute show live at home without the perpetual risk of someone spilling beer on you (unless you decide to pour beer on yourself whilst sitting at home on your sofa).

As part of the American Expressed Unstaged series, Chesney's performance will be melting hearts and faces with songs from his newly released album, "Welcome to the Fish Bowl." Defying what is a largely accepted practice in rock 'n roll of never starting on time, the show starts promptly at 8:30PM EST / 5:30PM PST over at In the meantime, blow your lid off with the promo below:

It's of note that Chesney's live-streamed performance will be directed by Jonathan Demme, who won an Academy Award for Best Director on his work with Silence of the Lambs. Yes, THAT Silence of the Lambs. Given that was one of the most psychologically unnerving films ever, you might unwittingly be tuning in to a Hannibal Lector joint.

Watch out.