Kendra Wilkinson Walks Dad Down the Aisle in Parking Lot Wedding, Remembers Her Wedding to Hank Baskett

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Kendra Wilkinson recalled better days for her and hubby Hank Baskett as she walked her dad down the aisle in his parking lot wedding.

Yes, you read that correctly. Kendra Wilkinson remembered better days with Hank, and her dad got married in a parking lot.

On Friday night's episode of Kendra On Top, fans saw the wedding in action. During a tailgating party held in a parking lot, Kendra Wilkinson's dad, Eric, tied the knot with his fiancee, Amy.

"You've all been invited to be a part of a celebration that is the culmination of love between two people," the officiant begins as Amy, in a white lace dress, greets her husband-to-be.

"It's a celebration of two lives committed to become one," he continues. "And as many of you know, there are many mornings, many days, many weeks, where you need to remember, 'I committed to love this person.'"

In a moment of deep reflection, following the elegance of this wedding, Kendra Wilkinson took her little trip down memory lane.

"As I'm standing here listening to my dad and Amy exchange their vows, it's making me kinda, like, think about mine and Hank's wedding," the former Playboy model said. "It's giving me memories."

Things haven't been so great for Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett of late--especially since he cheated on Kendra with a transgender model.

Add that scenario together with Kendra Wilkinson's dad's parking lot wedding, and you've got a whole lot of class.

Are you a Kendra On Top fan? Did you witness Kendra Wilkinson's dad getting married?

Kendra Wilkinson stars in a TV show, for goodness sake. Did her dad's wedding have to be in a parking lot?

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