Kendra Wilkinson Quits 'Splash' Over Fear of Heights

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Kendra Wilkinson may be skilled at modeling, but it turns out that high-diving isn't her thing. This week, the former Playboy model was failed to make her dive on the new ABC reality show Splash, which features celebrities learning how to dive.

Wilkinson successfully made a dive on the show's previous episode, but got cold feet on this week's high-dive attempt. She stood on the top of the platform and began to cry as her co-diver, Rory Bushfield (a professional skier by trade), attempted to encourage her to dive. Eventually, Wilkinson decided that she could not get over her fear of heights and would not be diving. The host informed her that she would be eliminated from the show as she repeatedly said, "I'm sorry" to the live audience.

After the show, Wilkinson took to Twitter to explain her anxiety and apologize to her fans. She also fended off the heavy criticism that was tweeted her way. She explained that signing up for the show was a "big mistake" and that she had thought about quitting during last week's episode.

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