Kendra Wilkinson Cautiously Optimistic About Hank Baskett

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Kendra Wilkinson has high hopes for her future with Hank Baskett, but she's also proceeding cautiously.

Kendra Wilkinson and her hubby went through the reality TV Marriage Boot Camp, and she says it helped. But she has also made statements that make it clear that she is nobody's fool -- not even Hank Baskett's.

When People asked Kendra Wilkinson about the couple's decision to go on Marriage Boot Camp, she said they had to chew on the idea for a bit.

"It wasn't an immediate yes, but we thought about it and then we said yes," Kendra Wilkinson said.

The future of their marriage was at stake, so Kendra Wilkinson and Hank figured it was for the best.

"We're going through a huge marital crisis at the time. It has four amazing therapists that are willing to help us for two weeks, away from social media, away from TV, away from the world and we're in. I mean come on," Kendra Wilkinson explained

"We needed the help and we really needed to focus on what our real issues were and what we need to do to solve them. We went in fighting each other, we went out fighting the world. And that's where we remain right now."

Now that the boot camp is over, Kendra Wilkinson is optimistic.

"We're in an amazing place. Everyday is work. We're working on it every single day and we're both willing to put in the work."

But it was statements that she made on the episodes themselves that might show her cautious optimism. In one sneak peek clip, Kendra Wilkinson says, “It something happens to us, that’s a divorce…I’m just praying we get through this.” And she tells Hank Baskett, “I need to know that you are one hundred percent loyal every second, every minute of every day.”

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