Kendra Wilkinson Calls Miley Cyrus Great Role Model

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Ever since Miley Cyrus introduced the world to her post Hannah Montana image, she's angered a lot of parents and stirred up plenty of controversy.

From her open conversations about drug use, to her constant twerking, and wearing provocative outfits, the pixie haired singer couldn't be more different from less controversial singers like Taylor Swift or Katy Perry.

But there's one celebrity that's in her corner in Kendra Wilkinson, as she believes Cyrus is a good role model for the younger ones.

The former Playboy centerfold says she loves how the young singer goes by her own set of rules, and she believes her overall message of self-empowerment needs to be taught to all young girls, and Wilkinson says she'll teach her daughter to be whoever she wants to be, which is Cyrus' main message.

"She's a very good example," said Wilkinson in a recent interview.

"As much as we think she's crazy, I think she's a good example. Let's not be so trapped in a box. I'm going to teach my daughter that way: be who you want to be. Society's going to put these rules on you, but if you have this feeling that you need to do whatever it is, do it."

Some might say that Wilkinson and Cyrus share a few things in common. They both achieved fame at a pretty young age, although Cyrus achieved hers much younger, and both have used their sexuality to build their image and draw in a bunch of new fans. Plus, both celebs have that I'll-do-or-say-whatever-I-want-attitude, which is as much a part of their public persona as the actual work they do.

However, Wilkinson says she's not 100 percent in agreement with Cyrus when it comes to drug use, mainly because it's illegal in most places, but she will allow her daughter to make some mistakes and develop herself in her own way.

"Now, I'm not saying drugs," said the blonde TV personality, who's pregnant with her second child. "I'm not saying that I'm pushing her or inviting her to a bad world. What I'm saying is we're all human. We're all going to go through those stages at one point of our lives. Is it going to be later or is it going to be earlier? Eventually, they will go through it."

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